Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yoga ... and... Cabaret.

Surprised! Astonished? Don’t they seem as different as chalk and cheese and North pole and South Pole or isn’t talking about cabaret in Yoga’s context akin to finding a polar bear in Africa. One of my Aunts( an illustrious corporate executive’s wife) advised me to do a cabaret before starting Yoga when she came to know that I had a stiff body and hated doing Surya Namaskar( supposed to be warm up for yoga). Looking at my sheepish grin and somewhat dumfounded look, she even went on to demonstrate it while adding ,” The important thing is to get all your joints lose before a yoga session and nothing better than a cabaret of about three minutes to do that”. Being a yoga buff, she was probably right I thought. Looking at her twists and turns, I could not help but wonder how well she would have done in her youth. She is 63. Next morning, I tried it out and found to my amusement that it was actually effective if you do it seriously. The body does loosen up. In fact I improvised on it. A cold water shower also tends to loosen up the body somewhat. So I started doing a cabaret at the shower and it really produced a double effect. One can even jog under the shower with the hands going up and down instead of forwards and backwards if one does not like doing a cabaret. That is a pretty good alternative. If you do proper Yoga after that it can make you feel fresh and energetic for the rest of the day. Yoga can be quite boring and from that perspective too, this was a good discovery. One hears of bathroom singers and things like “ Dancing in the rain”. I never thought I would come so close to it and in this manner. Talk about the vagaries of existence.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Poem- When your husband goes abroad

This is a poem that I wrote years agao and got a good response from poetry discussion forums and on my website:- This is in response to one of my friend’s wife’s query , “ I feel so bored when my husband goes abroad. I don’t know what to do?.” I could not help but think on these lines ( in mischief; nothing serious):- Whenever he goes to Japan I can easily pitch in and hold the fort for your man If he ever goes to Hong Kong In addition to writing poetry, I shall sing a song If and when he goes to USA, Our romance can realy fructify; not remain hearsay Alternatively, he could opt for Europe, Then, you and me can easily elope. Like everybody these days, if he opts for Australia In addition to flattery, I can woo you with other Paraphernalia. Only when he goes to China I can begin to treat you like Princess Diana One should look at all options, if he opts for Korea, We can hope that he does not come back from that Area. If only he could make it to Singapore, Then, you and me can romance like never before Let’s hope that he takes a fancy to Mauritius Then, we can be really be romantically ambitious. Why not hope that he he goes to Malaysia Once there, I hope that he suffers from Amnesia Then you and me can go to Thailand And live alone in a way we would live on an island

Friday, October 21, 2005

Blooker award for blogstar.

The Delhi times(October 20,2005) had a cute story on B(l)ooked your blog yet?Blooker prize aims to award blooks-books printed from blogs. Stephen fraser of Lullu, the organization behind the prize says, " Magazines are watching the growing literary. Publishers are publishing books depending upon the material published on blogs"Prominent blogger Cory Doctorow and a judge for the prize says that yardsticks for blooks will be similar to those of books Preeti Desai, President Internet and mobile association of India said that this should encourage the bloggers to create quality content.

Dadagiri with Dada?

Though, literaly speaking, Saurav Ganguly failed only against the Pakistan series in India last year, literaly the whole media and the public has been after our most successful captian. These days, his every action and stroke in the Duleep tropy against North Zone is commented upon and the whole situation is projected as a do or die situation.Considering that cricket is a religion in India, a scribe commented that the Indian Skipper's job is next to the Prime Minister's job. It seems that we want to see how a former prime minister functions as a chief mininster or minister of state in the state cabinet. I think Dada needs a dignified exit. With all his faults, he has served India well. I read a Kapil Dev'a autobigraphy and a book on India captatins. Kapil Dev described in detail how the board never allowed any captain to be over strong as it would have eroded their own power. In his time the captaincy was like musical chairs between him and Sunil Gavaskar.He also describes some former good players being shabbily treated by the board. He does not seem to mind the stockmarket behavior of the public though- he vividly described how the reception after the 1983 world cup victory had almost reduced him and all the players to tears and only six months later they were pelted with stones in losing the match to the west indies. Anybody can fail in one series. I feel that if somebody of Dada's stature continusouly fails over 2-3 series,such a reaction is justified and even then if he fails, he should be allowed to go befitting the stature of India's most succesful captain and a proven leader of men( Dada literally)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Poem-The Stockmarket is like a lady

CNBC expert analyst,Mr Ashwini Gujral in his latest book “ How to make money trading derivatives” says on page 203 “ Treat the market as a lady and you will be happy. When a lady says no, the gentleman says no. It works well with the ladies as with the markets.” Mr Gujral is trying to explain that one has to bow to what the market dictates instead of trying to be egoistic and impose one own ego's on the market. Even if the stock market is like a lady The greatest malady Is that with its unpredictability,you cannot think of going permanently steady Success in the mkt can make you quite heady But it is full of characters who are shady Apart from people who keep saying “Mkt has discounted everything already” That is why one has to be on one’s toes and be eveready Only on total surrender to it it can be “My(and your) fair lady” The lady analogy is really interesting. As it is before commencing trading, I used to sing to the terminal ,” Jo tum ko ho pasand wahi baat karenge, tum din ko agar raat kaho raat kahenge”“ Good reminder?

Poem-My dear Chidambaram

This is a poem that I had written and posted on on India's finance minister, Shri.P.Chidambaram when he presented this year's budget:- My dear Chidambaram Considering that you had to do a balancing act catering to a wide spectrum Considering that you had to pander to many a communist tantrum Your budget is so wonderful that one feels like beating a drum One doesn’t mind getting intoxicated by whisky and Rum It is indeed difficult to maintain decorum Your budget has really put India on a higher rostrum You have proved that for economic progress, an astute politician can be a fulcrum Whether individually or in quorum I hope you and your budget are not only appreciated in this but each & every forum. So wonderful is your budget That one hopes that it sets India’s fortunes set soaring as a Jet Only in implementation if you fidget It will remain a kind of Vignette

Spirituality and the stockmarket

My article on "Spirituality and the stockmarket got printed in the October issue of the magazine "The Eternal Solutions". I have also written for "LIFE POSITVE" . For those of you who may be wondering that spirituality and stockmarket are like North Pole and South Pole(that was the Editor's first response but on reading the entire article, it was accepted straightaway), here are several similarities. These are based on experiences over the last one year wherein which I have learnt tried to learnstockmarket trading. I found many analogies between spirituality and the market For many of you who must be wondering about this article , there is a direct correlation between spirituality and the stock market. EQUANIMITY – GREED AND FEAR COMMON TO BOTH UNCERTAINTY – MKTS ARE UNPREDICTABLE AND SO IS LIFE EGO – MKTS CAN RUIN YOU IF YOU ARE TOO EGOISTIC AND ACT AGAINST THE WAY IT GOES AND SPIRITUALITY IS AGAINST EGOISTIC BEHAVIOR QUACKS- BOTH THE SPIRITUAL FIELD AND THE STOCK MARKETS ARE FULL OF QUACKS NO STRONG OPINIONS- SPIRITUALITY TEACHES US TO BE NON-JUDGMENTAL AND ON THE MKTS ONE CANNOT HAVE STRONG OPINIONS KNOW THYSELF- A TRADING SYSTEM CAN MAKE ONE PERSON A MULTIMILLIONAIRE AND THE OTHER A PAUPER SO ONE HAS TO KNOW ONE’S TEMPRAMENT WHICH IS WHAT SPIRITUALITY TEACHES. BHAGVAD GITA TEACHES TO DO KARMA WITHOUT EXPECTING THE RESULTS AND IN THE SHORT RUN OR LONG RUN, UNLESS ONE PRACTICES THAT RELIGIOUSLY, ONE CANNOT OPERATE IN THE MARKETS.

The Stockmarkets- "Much ado about nothing?"

I have been trying to be a professional trader for the past one and a half years and if there is one thing that I have learnt is that nobody can predict the market in the short run and in the long run only blue chips do well. The kind of monitoring that CNBC does of the market is actually required only by a professional trader which can be done with real time software. Most traders know that markets are totally unpredictable Then one wonders that what CNBC is doing is “Much ado about nothing” All the lovely looking women and all the analysts propounding theories without giving much reasoning. Its as if the entire lot of them were standing over a small baby and trying to predict what it was going to be when it grows up. The analysis of company results is somewhat valid but sometimes the shares do not move even though the company performs and vice-versa- its like a commercial hindi film used to be; makes no sense. Everybody hovers around the market as if it were a small plaything And monitor it the way a meditator monitors his breathing Nobody can predict mkts whether it is rising or taking a beating All deliberations on them are “Much ado about nothing”

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ever tried shares trading?

As against investment in shares stock trading is a business. Professionally it is taking off in India though in the United states, it is a full fledged profession. In Trading, one has to learn Technical Analysis or analysis of the market by graphs and indicators of momentum, volatility, trend, volume etc. The best software for that purpose is Metastock which I have. Trading is of three types- Day trading, Swing trading and Position Trading. In Day trading, one can buy and sell within the same day, in swing trading you can buy and sell within a week and position trading can be from a few weeks to a few months. Day trading is deemed the most dangerous and position trading the safest. There is another site called which has a very comprehensive software. Like everything else in life trading is best learnt from a coach or one can spend years trying to master Technical analysis. Currently I am learning swing trading from a full time America trained coach(CNBC expert advisor) who gives instructions through yahoo chat. It seems safe enough once you get used to it. We also do derivatives which means futures and options and where more money can be earned with less money. Considering some of the hassles of doing business in India, it is not a bad option but one has to be careful and vigilant. Trading is three to five times more dangerous than investment and attempting on one's own would be financial suicide unless you have some god gifted talent.WWW, is the best discussion forum in India as per my knowledge.

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