Friday, October 21, 2005

Dadagiri with Dada?

Though, literaly speaking, Saurav Ganguly failed only against the Pakistan series in India last year, literaly the whole media and the public has been after our most successful captian. These days, his every action and stroke in the Duleep tropy against North Zone is commented upon and the whole situation is projected as a do or die situation.Considering that cricket is a religion in India, a scribe commented that the Indian Skipper's job is next to the Prime Minister's job. It seems that we want to see how a former prime minister functions as a chief mininster or minister of state in the state cabinet. I think Dada needs a dignified exit. With all his faults, he has served India well. I read a Kapil Dev'a autobigraphy and a book on India captatins. Kapil Dev described in detail how the board never allowed any captain to be over strong as it would have eroded their own power. In his time the captaincy was like musical chairs between him and Sunil Gavaskar.He also describes some former good players being shabbily treated by the board. He does not seem to mind the stockmarket behavior of the public though- he vividly described how the reception after the 1983 world cup victory had almost reduced him and all the players to tears and only six months later they were pelted with stones in losing the match to the west indies. Anybody can fail in one series. I feel that if somebody of Dada's stature continusouly fails over 2-3 series,such a reaction is justified and even then if he fails, he should be allowed to go befitting the stature of India's most succesful captain and a proven leader of men( Dada literally)


Blogger Venkat said...

Hi Hiren
At last, another one of our Ganguly fans supporters.

Great work and I agree with you.

Check out my site for two sides of the Ganguly story. Just to make it clear, I am a Ganguly fan.

10/24/2005 12:08:00 AM  

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