Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Poem-My dear Chidambaram

This is a poem that I had written and posted on on India's finance minister, Shri.P.Chidambaram when he presented this year's budget:- My dear Chidambaram Considering that you had to do a balancing act catering to a wide spectrum Considering that you had to pander to many a communist tantrum Your budget is so wonderful that one feels like beating a drum One doesn’t mind getting intoxicated by whisky and Rum It is indeed difficult to maintain decorum Your budget has really put India on a higher rostrum You have proved that for economic progress, an astute politician can be a fulcrum Whether individually or in quorum I hope you and your budget are not only appreciated in this but each & every forum. So wonderful is your budget That one hopes that it sets India’s fortunes set soaring as a Jet Only in implementation if you fidget It will remain a kind of Vignette


Blogger Nawneet said...

Hope you are doing fine sh50. Google had lead me to your blog. Nice to see and read it. With your permission I am borrowing some of your words which aptly describe me. Do post some time in Traderji.


12/20/2005 10:35:00 PM  
Anonymous sharegyan001 said...

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