Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Spirituality and the stockmarket

My article on "Spirituality and the stockmarket got printed in the October issue of the magazine "The Eternal Solutions". I have also written for "LIFE POSITVE" . For those of you who may be wondering that spirituality and stockmarket are like North Pole and South Pole(that was the Editor's first response but on reading the entire article, it was accepted straightaway), here are several similarities. These are based on experiences over the last one year wherein which I have learnt tried to learnstockmarket trading. I found many analogies between spirituality and the market For many of you who must be wondering about this article , there is a direct correlation between spirituality and the stock market. EQUANIMITY – GREED AND FEAR COMMON TO BOTH UNCERTAINTY – MKTS ARE UNPREDICTABLE AND SO IS LIFE EGO – MKTS CAN RUIN YOU IF YOU ARE TOO EGOISTIC AND ACT AGAINST THE WAY IT GOES AND SPIRITUALITY IS AGAINST EGOISTIC BEHAVIOR QUACKS- BOTH THE SPIRITUAL FIELD AND THE STOCK MARKETS ARE FULL OF QUACKS NO STRONG OPINIONS- SPIRITUALITY TEACHES US TO BE NON-JUDGMENTAL AND ON THE MKTS ONE CANNOT HAVE STRONG OPINIONS KNOW THYSELF- A TRADING SYSTEM CAN MAKE ONE PERSON A MULTIMILLIONAIRE AND THE OTHER A PAUPER SO ONE HAS TO KNOW ONE’S TEMPRAMENT WHICH IS WHAT SPIRITUALITY TEACHES. BHAGVAD GITA TEACHES TO DO KARMA WITHOUT EXPECTING THE RESULTS AND IN THE SHORT RUN OR LONG RUN, UNLESS ONE PRACTICES THAT RELIGIOUSLY, ONE CANNOT OPERATE IN THE MARKETS.


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